Cherie has over thirty years experience helping families fulfill their dreams of home ownership. She has also helped builders buy and develop land, investors target properties that cash-flow, and has carefully guided families experiencing loss to make difficult decisions. Her early grasp of real estate finance put her leaps ahead in serving her clients with critical investment decisions. Her experience, intuition and observations keep her in touch with trends and the wants and needs of families and investors. She takes a wholistic approach to life, and is passionate about pulling her clients out of the "unknown" to proceed ahead while making informed decisions.

Cherie knows to keep it fun and keep it smart. Real estate investing, selling and home shopping should be a pleasure, and she rounds every corner to help you experience it that way. She is an expert at anticipating issues that might come up and later become obstacles, and she knows a little humor goes a long way to avoid conflict.

Her high standard of ethics is native to her personality; it has elicited more than one comment from others in the industry who come to see that she puts her client's interest ahead of her own, and works to assure fairness for everyone involved.

Cherie developed the Lifestyle Assessment Tool for helping individuals and families determine their real needs in a home rather than falling prey to the trends of the day. Do you really need that enormous sitting room off the master bedroom or would it serve you better to share that square footage in a closet or a home office? Can your family of four children share one bathroom sink? Probably when they are under 8 years old but what about later? Do you really need a 3-car garage or will that extra space turn into a clutter bin? Do you want your house across the street from your favorite school? Have you visited the site when school is in and out to see if you enjoy the sounds or 2000 children and school bells or would it grate on you? Do you love the view over a pool at the condo complex or will the one child that is there every day screaming "Marco Polo" drive you nuts? Whether shopping for a brand new home, designing a custom home, or finding just the right home already finished out and loved through the decades, Cherie is a lifestyle expert when it comes to choosing the right home.

The proof is in the pudding, so please, browse through Cherie's pages and make a call to introduce yourself.